Thursday, February 19, 2015

My random story, my friend, and one reason to start.

Not much things to tell in this post, I will, in my next posts, revealed a story, a life, a miracle of nature, whom I can guarantee you, one of a kind.

I started to know him in my teenage time, when stupidity is breakfast, and passion is your good-night pray.

He is deaf, he's mute, he was homeless, he was one creature which will make you take him for granted.

He has no education but he can do some simple math, he knows nothing about programming yet he teached me how to cheating in one particular online game, he can't read yet he has facebook account, he can't hear anything nor spelling any alphabet yet he carries an android phone, he couldn't understand what I'm saying yet sometimes he knows what I want to eat, or drink, or play without my body language, he has no income, yet he never ever even stole my money.

One way or another, he is genius. He's name is Mamat.

Mamat a.k.a Gagu

 That's him, and hopefully this twist may intrigue some good publicity, it's connected i assure you, how connected? See my next post ;)