Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Peppa" and her friends Captivate Children

"Peppa" with his brother "George" and
his friends "Zoe Zebra", "Danny the Dog", "Pedro
Ponny", "Emily Elephant" and "Susie Sheep" takes a
full of adventure and fun tour in the Cultural Center Theater 1, where it
captivated the young audience throughout 75 minutes.

peppa pig
peppa pig

They are appear alive in front of the crowd as 3d models,
not animation, this give quite a huge surprise to the society whereas little
known, yet they performance didn’t feel awkward, instead they awed the

They wear pirate costume as if they are pirates who came
from peppa's treasure island. This kind of performance motivates many parents to
do the same for their child’s birthday party, as some parents said when we
interviewed them.

With the support of special effects and a colorful stage
show "Peppa Pig treasure hunt" surprised the audience who attended
each of the requests of the characters, ranging from clapping and singing, to
solve some clues.

At the proposal stage, the characters dance, sing, play and
have fun, while looking for treasure in the mountains, in the forest and on an
island, places that come with the help of the "Lady Bunny", who
himself leads a truck and a train, a boat and a balloon.

Thanks to various tracks, "Peppa",
"George", "Zoe" and "Danny" and
"Pedro", "Emily", "Susie" and "Daisy"
find the treasure and enjoy a day full of adventures surprises.

The fun is accompanied by special effects such as bubbles
and multicolored confetti falling from the ceiling, as well as from the stage
streamers flying into the seats.

One of the most amazing pictures of the musical is when
"Peppa" and "Daisy" start poking around deep sea, where
they find fish, jellyfish, starfish and seahorses, which are puppets who walk
the stage lit only by the light of each animal.

Emiliano, nine said that this scene was his favorite because
as well as learn about the animals that live in the sea, enjoyed the bubbles
that fell on his face. "It was really cool, until I felt I was at
sea," said excited and still chanting one of the themes of the show.

Another moment that sparked the joy of the children was when
the characters surprisingly left the stage to greet them; prompting many of the
infants were lifted from their seats promptly and were running toward the

The atmosphere we experienced was with joy and to the sound
of spanking children joined the interpretation of "Bong / bing / bu / bing
/ bong" score that was projected on a colorful backdrop.

The fun continued and applause did not stop. Upon
discovering the treasure behind a bush shaped rainbow, "Daisy" opened
the bright chest and one by one took the gifts were there.

After completing a "Ho-ho-ho" was heard with the
arrival of Santa Claus, who promised them this Christmas gifts to children

The fascination was apparent as in previous songs, the
audience joined the cast in the interpretation of the last issue of the
musical, which included, among other choirs, the reference to jump mud puddles
and the "Barba Dog" pirate helped "Peppa" and his friends
find the treasure.

"Peppa Pig treasure hunt" continues this function
at next weekend at the Theatre 1 Cultural Center. Then, from November 30, will  tour to Toluca, State of Mexico; Guadalajara,
Jalisco; Querétaro, Querétaro; Saltillo and Torreón, Coahuila; Monterrey, Nuevo
León; Mérida, Yucatán; Cancún, Quintana Roo, and Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.
Thursday, February 19, 2015

My random story, my friend, and one reason to start.

Not much things to tell in this post, I will, in my next posts, revealed a story, a life, a miracle of nature, whom I can guarantee you, one of a kind.

I started to know him in my teenage time, when stupidity is breakfast, and passion is your good-night pray.

He is deaf, he's mute, he was homeless, he was one creature which will make you take him for granted.

He has no education but he can do some simple math, he knows nothing about programming yet he teached me how to cheating in one particular online game, he can't read yet he has facebook account, he can't hear anything nor spelling any alphabet yet he carries an android phone, he couldn't understand what I'm saying yet sometimes he knows what I want to eat, or drink, or play without my body language, he has no income, yet he never ever even stole my money.

One way or another, he is genius. He's name is Mamat.

Mamat a.k.a Gagu

 That's him, and hopefully this twist may intrigue some good publicity, it's connected i assure you, how connected? See my next post ;)
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking back, to understand why.

New movies trailer, is one of my favourite things to see whenever I get bored from my daily life or maybe just an intermezzo in my daily job, and it help me a lot because whenever our brains get some good informations, it will draw a huge grin no matter what problems you have at the moment, believe me.. it does!


 So, I began to think, I will make everybody feels the same or at least, do the same thing that i did when my mood started to bouncing around and the same thing happened in my brains and the after effect wouldn't be good at all.

But wait, I couldn't bring my smartphone around and focusing on ppl who seems to be in bad mood, no that's silly and kinda take too much time.

I figured if I couldn't bring the happiness to ppl, so what? Let them search and find my service, which will give them happiness(I hope so..) and the process will make them feels even better, that's basic law dude.. more effort = more gain.. yeah!

And the second problem will I manage to provide more than 1 smartphone for everybody? 10 dudes watching some videos together in 1 gadget is literally an awkward thing to see or even imagine..yucks..

My budget is low, my plan is not visualize-able because it was only in my head.. And finally i came to 1 solution, a book! many books! in a park! any kind of books, fairytales, histories, comics, i mean anything! In a trailer! a trailer with a window shell, filled with many books, and it's all available for you(but just in 25m radius, further and I will hunt you while screaming, I swear..).

The sweet thing is? It's FREE! no charges at all, this is literally a free-take-all-u-want-happiness-for-a-moment.

How about that? A funny reason to begin huh?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Welcome to

Booktrailerpark hereby say Thank You for visiting our site, we hope you feel at home.

Please check our page about everything you need to know about Book Trailer Park, and we are sorry for so little informations for know, we are developing our site as we write this very first post. But rest assured, because we wouldn't let our readers disappointed if they don't find what they are looking for.

Stay close, keep supporting, and may everything we've planned, be blessed.

See ya!!