Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking back, to understand why.

New movies trailer, is one of my favourite things to see whenever I get bored from my daily life or maybe just an intermezzo in my daily job, and it help me a lot because whenever our brains get some good informations, it will draw a huge grin no matter what problems you have at the moment, believe me.. it does!


 So, I began to think, I will make everybody feels the same or at least, do the same thing that i did when my mood started to bouncing around and the same thing happened in my brains and the after effect wouldn't be good at all.

But wait, I couldn't bring my smartphone around and focusing on ppl who seems to be in bad mood, no that's silly and kinda take too much time.

I figured if I couldn't bring the happiness to ppl, so what? Let them search and find my service, which will give them happiness(I hope so..) and the process will make them feels even better, that's basic law dude.. more effort = more gain.. yeah!

And the second problem will I manage to provide more than 1 smartphone for everybody? 10 dudes watching some videos together in 1 gadget is literally an awkward thing to see or even imagine..yucks..

My budget is low, my plan is not visualize-able because it was only in my head.. And finally i came to 1 solution, a book! many books! in a park! any kind of books, fairytales, histories, comics, i mean anything! In a trailer! a trailer with a window shell, filled with many books, and it's all available for you(but just in 25m radius, further and I will hunt you while screaming, I swear..).

The sweet thing is? It's FREE! no charges at all, this is literally a free-take-all-u-want-happiness-for-a-moment.

How about that? A funny reason to begin huh?